25 social media post help to

25 social media post help to
expand your buisness
1) Personal Story share your own personal story with some of your products and develop some curiosity in your audience and ask them to reach out to you to learn more about product.

2 Benefits of product/Service Share a video or image post in which you are using product or service and share benefits of your company product or service. Tell your audience to reach out to you personally to learn more

3 Personal Results Share your personal results of your product and service on social media and tell them to reach out toyou to learn more (Note-DON’T mention your company and product name on video or image post just focus on benefits )

4. lifestyle Post Majority of best network marketing company
improves peoples lifestyle so you can also share lifestyle
related posts. Ex. Your company foreign tour related posts
,your business meets in 5 star or 3 star hotels there are
many event in your company give opportunity to post
lifestyle related posts .such post develop a curiosity the mind of your audience.

5. 3rd party product post You can share result of your product from somebody else in your downline,upline cross line Don’t mention name ofcompany and product but ask them to contact you to learn more.
6. 3rd party income posts You can share income and testimonials of others too and what changes goes into his/her life after joining this wonderful opportunity Ex. before they are frustrated in job not able to give time to family but now he/she work according to their convenient and make handsome money
as compared to particular job.

7. Team Recognition Post Give recognition to somebody that you enrolled or worked with if they’ve accomplished something amazing. Share what they’ve been able to accomplish and congratulate them. Don’t mention the name of the company or products, ask people to reach out if they want to learn more

8. BenefitsYou can share a benefits of your product and service and presents your company product and service as a problem solving opportunity that by using this particular product their problem solve very easily.People who have a problem that your product can solve well reach out and ask you for more information

9. Accomplishment posts Share your accomplishment to your audience tex if you achieve some level in your company or some milestone share this all with the help of post this make your ausince curios and the also want to be part of your opportunity

10 Encourage posts. People like to be aligned with people that uplift them and encourage them. Create a post that encourages people that might see it. Lift them up, make them feel amazing and prove your leadership

11.Commitment Post From time to time, I’ll post a personal commitment post on my social media with regards to a business launch, event, or my team that I’m committed to. People like to join people that are committed to what they are doing and do what they say they’re going to do. If they see your commitment, they’re more likely to commit to the vision of working with you

12 Before and After Post If your company product give a good result share before and after journey of yourself or you can share someone else before and after journey from your company such before and after type posts are best way to give crystal clear direction to audience that what changes they can make by using product and service.Ask people to reach you to learn more about it

13 Excitement Post Every day you should be excited about something right? People want to join things that are exciting and they want to be around people that are excited. Share the things that you’re excited about and why… this makes for great curiosity that people will want to know more about14. Event PostIf your attending your company event where it big or small it doesn’t matter you just have to post regarding your event this will develop a
curiosity in the mind of your audience.Share why you excited about that particular event.

14. Event Post If your attending your company event where it big or small it doesn’t matter you just have to post regarding your event this will develop a curiosity in the mind of
your audience.Share why you excited about that particular event.

15. Be funny Don’t always want to be pitching business, show people that you’re a real person, you’re funny and you’re fun to be around. So share something funny like jokes and
memes .

16. Answer Questions If someone asked you a question through chat, email or messenger and you think this question would be helpful take answer publicly… do a post of you answering that question. This can be very helpful, and I can show your leadership in being a good resourceful entrepreneur. All of these qualities are what people look for when making a buying decision

17. Go Live Going live on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube are big exposure points for your business that can bring you a lot of new eyeballs and sales

18.Helpful Tips & Value That Relate To Your Products About related content that you can post that would attract someone who’s interested in the benefits that your product or service provides. For example: If you’re in a health and wellness company, you might post fitness tips, diet hacks, healthy recipes. The people who are in health and wellness will really like this type of content and if they like or comment you can connect with them
and talk to them more about your products and services.

19. Behind The Scenes You’re trying to build a tribe on social media (your tribe is who buys from you), it’s important to build a strong bond with them. One of the ways to do this is to let them in on your life… show them behind-the-scenesFor example: Post a picture of you working from home with the family, or working from the beach, or your workspace at
homeWith this picture you can include a post and talk about the benefits of working from home and why you love it so muchThis will peak the interest of anybody that has been curious to create that lifestyle for themselves to!

20. Interview a Customer You can go live or post a video a view interviewing one of your valued customers. Talk about why they love the product they’re taking and how it’s helped them… don’t mention the name of the product for the company and ask people to connect with you personally to learn more

21.Share Other People’s Content Time to time I’ll share other people’s content if it’s relevant to my product service or business… and it will help my audience with something.This shows that I’m not all about just my content… and it gives my audience diversity and information… but still related to the benefits and topics surrounding my product service or busines

22.Highlight a Customer or Teammate of The Month This type of the post serves two purposes… #1 your customer are teammate is going to feel super special and awesome… 2 potential customers or teammates are curious to see what’s going on.Find a true statistic that you can share that might lead into curiosity from people wanting to learn more about your product service or business.

25. Shout-Outs To Influencers If you’ve been through a course, read a book, or seen any
training from any influencers that helps you… give them a shout out on social media.

24. Attention Grabbing Statistic Your company does contest for promotions, share your
excitement about the contest or promotion, without mentioning the company name or product names… just share your excitement and ask people to reach out to personally if they like to learn more about joining you in the contest or promotion.The attention of influencers is a really key strategy when posting on social media. Sometimes they’ll re-share your post to their audience (if you do a specific amazing shout out)… this
can get you some incredible eyeballs to your brand.For example: If you’re in a health and wellness company and you sell a weight loss product, you could post a statistic
on obesity and disease and then say something

25. Contests or Promotions
“I’m so happy I’m aligned with a product and a company
that is helping to change this statistic.”

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