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What is reversible reaction ? Give example

Ans :- Reactions  in which concussion of reactants into products and production reactants takes please simultaneously air called reversible.

Eg. Pcl3 + Cl2           cool // neat  pcl5

  • /kkrqvkas esa yphykiu D;k gS \

What does malleability means ?

Ans :- Malleability is that property of on element due to which expands on striking by hammers Generally all the metals and malleable (except – No)

  • v/kkrqvksa ds ÒkSfrd xq.kkas dks fyf[k,A

Write physical properties of non-metals.

Ans :-     (a) Non-metals are found in every state (ie ould liquid pas) Non-metals are

(b) They have lower density generally brittle as compared to metal

(c) Melting and boiling points are lower for non-metals

  •  Vs¶ykWu D;k gS \

What is Teflon

Ans :- Teflon is polymer made up of n number of Tetra flora ethylene Teflon is used to coat variety of products because it is waterproof and create non – stick surface

  • oS|qr cy dks ifjÒkf’kr djsaA

Define electric force.

Ans :- force exacted between any two charged partier is known as electric force. It can be attraction (for opposite change) or repulsion (for same charge) it is calculated by climbs formula  F = Kα 1 α 2 /r2

  • çfrorÊ fØ;k D;k dgykrh gS \

 What is reflex action ?

Ans:- Actions which gets completed before its information reaches to brain are called reflex actions to other words actions which happens without any stimulus. by brain is called reflex action.

  • foyh D;k gS \ blds dk;Z D;k gSaA

What is villi ? What are its functions.

Ans :- finger like projection present in the inner living of small intestine are called villi.

Function: They increase the surface area for the absorption of digested food in small intestine.

  • ja/kzkas ds [kqyus ,oa can gksus dk fu;eu dSls gksrk gS \

How opening and dosing of stomata regulated ?

Ans :- Guard celli regulates the opening and closing and

Opening : when guard cells swell or turgid due to entry. of water, the stomata are opened.

Closing : The grand cells shrink due to Loss of water the stomata get closed

  • ân; dk ukekafdr fp= cukb,A

Draw lebelled diagram of heart.

Ans:- draw directly no introduction part.

  1. fdlh jklk;fud çfrfØ;k dh nj dks çÒkfor djus okys dkjd D;k gS \

What are the factors affecting the rate of reaction of any chemical reaction ?

Ans :-             1. Temperature : Directly proportional to rate of reaction.

2. Surface area : for solid reactants rate  of reaction increases with the increase in surface area.

3 Pressure : for gaseous reactants it is directly proportional of rate

4. Presence of catalyst : Catalyst can increase of decrease the rate

5. Nature of reactants : Electronegativity or electro positivityof  reactants affect the rate of reaction

6. Concentration of reactants : can sometimes increases the rate

  1. v;Ldksa ds çdkjksa dks mnkgj.k lfgr crkb,A

Explain types of ores with examples.

Ans :-           1. Oxide ores : Ores in which oxygen is present eg Halmatite (Fe2O3)

2. Sulphide Over : Ores in which sulphur is present Eg.-copper pyrites’ (Cufe c2)

3. carbonate Orel : Ones in which carbonates are present eg. Dolomite (Mg co3 Calo3)

4. Halide over : Ores in which Halides are present eg- Rhyolite (Na3AlF6)

  1. çdk’k la”ys’k.k ds çdk”k vfÒfØ;k D;k gksrh gS \

What is light reaction in photosynthesis ?

Ans :- The light reaction is a includes of light dependent process which events such as light absorption hydrolyses the release of oxygen, formation of ATP and NADPH.

The Light reaction owners in the thylakoids of the chloroplast when the light hite, chlorophyll get excited to higher energy state fallowed by a series of events. This energy is converted into energy molecules ATP and NADPH also hydrolysis owners and relax oxygen.

  1. v/kZpkyd D;k gS \ blds çdkj fyf[k,A

What is semi-conductors ? Write its types.

Ans : – Semi-conductors are those material whose conductivity. lies between conductors and non-conductors Semiconductors can be pure elements like sitcom or Germanium or doped increasing conductivity. They are basically of two typer:1. Intrinsic : Pure elements such as Si &  are intrinsic semiconductors they have low conductivity. 2. Extrinsic ; semiconductors which are prepared by adding some impurities to increase the conductivity is called extrinsic semiconductors. This can further divided into P-type and n-type depending upon impurities.

14. ikS/kkas esa ifjogu ij ,d fVIi.kh fy[ksaA
Write a note on transportation in plants.

Ans :- in plants two two kind of transportations happens they are.

  1. Transportation of water and numeral salts : Transportation of water and mineral takes place in plants by special cells called xylem It occurs between roots and other parts of plants. It’ also known as Ascent of cap. They ours because of –

(a) Transpiration pull           (b) cohesive force (c) Adhering or capillary force.

  • Transportation of nutmeat and food : It is done by special cells known as phloem This transportation occurs between leave and other parts of plants This happens in both direction live from Source to sink and sink to source Transportation of food materials is being done by plants using  ATP.

15. ÒtZu dh çfØ;k dks mnkgj.k lfgr le>kb,A
Explain Roasting with suitable example.

Ans :- Roasting is basically a process of metallurgy where ore is converted into its oxides by heating it below. its melting point in the presence of excess air This process is carried out in reverberatory furnace In reverberatory furnace

(a) Moisture is separated and oral become dry

(b) volatile impurities like sulphur, Arsenic, Phosphorous are separated.

(c) ores become more porous.

16. vory niZ.k }kjk çfrfcEc fuekZ.k dks le>kb,A
Explain image formation by concave mirror.

Ans :- image information by concave mirror –

No.Position of image objectPosition of imageShape of imageNature of imageSize of image
1 fInvertedRealPoint size
2 c-fInvertedRealSmaller
3 cInvertedRealEqual
4 c–InvertedRealBigger
5 InvertedRealVery larger
6 Behind the mirrorErectVirtualBigger

 Diagrams in deferent condition –

17. {kj.k ds oS|qr jklk;fud çfØ;k dks le>kb,A {kj.k dks çÒkfor djus okys dkjdksa vkSj blds fuokjd mik;ksa dks fyf[k,A
Explain electrochemical process of corrosion. Write factors affecting corrosion and its preventive measures 

Ans :- conversion of refined metal into mare stable compound such as oxides hydroxides or sulphides which leads to deterioration  or metal is known as corrosion it is as electrochemical process is which the pure metal acts as an anode and impure metal acts as cathode.

Eg. Corrosion of iron crusting

At anode :-          fe – fe2 2e-                 at cathode :- h2o+1/2o2ze- 2oh

                              Fe2 2oH – fe(oH2)     fe(oh)2 + h2o +1/2 o2– fe2o3 xh2o rust

  • Factors affecting wrrosion – (a) nature of metal (b) deformity (c) inanities present ins metal (d) presence of moisture € presence of aid in atmosphere
  • Prepuce measures :-
  • painting and greasing :- the surface of metal is painted so that in cannot come in direct intact of  air or atmosphere.
  • Sacrificial prevention the metal is injected with  more reactive element so that it works as cathode .
  • Galvanization coating the metal by thin layer of zinc.
  • Corrosion inhibitors : using those element which has ability to diminish the rate of corrosion.
  • Electrolytic protection : mental ps submerged into different  electrolytic solutions for prevention of corrosion 

Tips if more space is given you ca explain the foetors affecting corrosion 

17. vySafxd tuu D;k gS \ vySafxd tuu ds fofÒUu çdkjksa dks le>kb,A
What is Asexual reproduction ? Explain different types of Asexual reproduction

Ans :- 1. When only one living being takes place in reproduction, then it is called asexual reproduction. There are mainly s types of asexual reproduction –

  • Fission Binary: when one parent gives birth to two off springs eg. Aniveba
  • Multiple: when one paint gives birth to many off spring. eg – Algea.

2. Buddings An elevated structure is formed on the body of parent, which is called Bud. gradually it becomes an identical off spring.

3. Spore formation: A spore is formed by 0 parent, which bursts in favourable condition. and give birth to many off springe

4. Fragmentation: parent divides itself into many sections and each section becomes full offspring

5. Vegetative reproduction : Asexual vegetative reproduction include

i. layering: stem of a plant is buried in soil, and promoted to not formation

II. cutting Part plant is catted and sown, which becomes a new offspring altogether.

III. Grafting: two stems of different plants are sown together, and a new plant it developed.

iv. Air layering? Plant’s stem is peeled off and root producing chemical is wrapped around it along with soil.

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Define Ratio.

Ans :- Ratio is a comparison between two alienations. It indicates many timer one number contains another eg. one over in cricket means & deliveries to over to delivery is 1:6

02. ,d fuf’pr l[a;k dks 195 ls foÒkftr djus ij “ks’kQy 47 cprk gSA ;fn blh l[a ;k dks 15 ls foÒkftr fd;k tk, rks “ks’kQy D;k gksxk \
On dividing certain number by 195 the remainder is 47. What will be the remainder if the same number
is divided by

Ans :- let the number is N, and it is divided by 195  for a times so we get remained of 47. 50

N= 195 a+47

N= 13ax15+45+2

= 13a+15+(3X15)+2

N= 15 13a+3) +2

so the remainder will be 2 Ans

03. lkof/k tek [kkrk D;k gS \
What is fixed deposit account ?

Ans :- fixed deposit is that money which is deposited in banks for definite time period, and moved cornet be withdrawn before maturity period Generally banks offer Wither rate of interest on them.

05. 61 69 ´ dks ,dkf/kdsu iow sZ.k fof/k ls cukb,A
Solve 61 69 ´ by Ekadhiken purvena method.

Ans :- we know the relation between mean, median and mode is

node = 3 median – 2 mean

so mode = 3×20-2×50

mode 10 ans

06. ije fe= la[;k D;k gS \ mnkgj.k }kjk le>kb,A
What is Param mitra (contemporary) number ? Explain with example

Ans :- step: multiplying and = 9×1  =09 (as it is in hundreds)

step: adding one in 6 and multiplying with 6 = (6+1) x6 = 42

                        so 61×69 = 4209= 4209 ans

01 jsfM;k/skeÊ çnw’k.k ds çk—frd vkSj ekuo fuÆer lzksr D;k gS \
What are the natural and man-made sourcel of radioactive pollution ?

Ans :- Natural sources – Radioactive elements such as Radium Uranium found on earth surface, volcanic eruptions man-made sources: Nuclear testing was nuclear reactors experiment with radioactive elements.

02. Òkjr ljdkj }kjk fpfUgr 4 çoky fÒfÙk {ks=ksa ds uke fy[ksaA
Write name of 4 coral reef region marked by govt. of India.

Ans :- (a) gulf of manner (b) pack strait  (c) gulf of Kutch (d) Andaman   and nuclear€ Lakshadweep

03. VªVsj rduhd D;k gS \
What is traitor technology ?

Ans ;- In genetic engineering the use of an external chemical to switch a plant’s genetic trait on or off is called traitor technology

04. ijek.kq fo[kMau vkSj ijek.kq lay;u ds chp varj fyf[k,A
Write the difference between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission.

Ans :- Nuclear fusion                                              Nuclear fision

  • Nudear fusion is a reaction thought which two or more light nudes collide with each other and forms a hoarier nudes                     (a)  when the nucleus of on an atom splits  into lighter nuclei and releases energy then it is called nuclear fission
  • Futon reaction occur in star and sun        (b) fiction reaction de not occurs naturally

05. dEI;Vwj usVodZ ds çdkjksa ij ppkZ djsaA
Discuss the types of computer networks.

Ans :-             (a) local area network (LAN); smaller area or office or room (wired).

B wide area network (WAN)  wide area and wireless connection.

C Stand alone network Primal use of network through wireless connection and Internet

06. ykbZ&QkbZ D;k gS \
What is Li-Fi ?

Ans :- wi-fi  is a wireless data transmission technology, which user light as carrier to transmit data it is a kind local area network which can replace wi-fi in near future due to its data transfer speeds and reach.

07. ifjra= fofo/krk dh ifjÒk’kk fyf[k,A
Write definition of ecological system diversity

Ans :- Ecological diversity defines the diversity observed among the ecosystems in a particular region Different ecosystems like mangroves, rainforests deserts et show a great variety of life forms residing in them.

08. i;kZoj.k çn’wk.k D;k gS \ muds :iksa ds vk/kkj ij blds çdkj fyf[k,A
What is enviornmental pollution ? based upon their forms write its kind.

Ans :- Any unwanted change in physical chemical or biological change in environment which can cause harms to living beings is called environmental pollution. It is of many kinds Air water, soil, oceanic etc.

09. lkSj iSuy D;k gS \ blds mi;ksx fyf[k,A
What is solar panel ? Write its uses.

Ans :- Solar panels are plates made up by hundred of solar cells connected in parallel connection with each other solar panels are meant to absorb solar energy and convert directly into electrical

energy User of solar panel

  • They are used in rooftops for electrical supply.
  • On the cay and vehicles
  • solar pumps.
  • solar heater and water heater.

10. mTtoyk ;kstuk ij laf{kIr fVIi.kh fy[ksa ,oa egÙo crkb,A
Write short notes on ujjwala scheme and also write its importance.

Ans :- Pradhan mantri Ujjuala yojna & was launched in 2016 by Prime minister Narendra Modi The scheme originally emirs aged the distribution of 50 million LPG connections to BPL women.

Importances are: (a) It will reduce air pollution. (b) It will reduce health related issuer in women.(c) It will also demotivates the use of woods which will increase forestation (d) Ultimately it will four on on economic and cheaper option of fuel for poor people.

11. lh,uth vkSj ,yihth ds chp lekurk,a vkSj vlekurk,a fy[ksaA
Write the similarities and dissimilarities between LPG and CNG.  

Ans ;- similarities: (a)  LPG and CNG both are gases at normal atmospheric temperature and pressure (b) Both have alkanet al an active elements.(c) Both are used fuel


  • Primary component in CNG in methane (b)  CNG is more eco-friendly than. LPG (c) Primarily used as an alternative just in automobiles (a) Primary component in LPG is propane and butane (b) LPG is comparatively less. eco-friendly (c) Mainly used in household cooking and fuel in industries

12. lrr —f’k ij laf{kIr fVIi.kh fyf[k,A
Write short notes on sustainable agriculture.

Ans :- sustainable agriculture is a type of agriculture that foramen on producing long-term crops and livestock while having minimal impacts on the environment Importance of sultana agriculture : (a) Production of sufficient humans food feed, fibre and fuel to meet the needs of sharply rising population (b) protection of the environment and expansion of the natural resources supply (c) sustainment of economic viability of agriculture Ultimately sustainable agriculture means optimum. utilization of resources with minimal environmental impacts.

13. çn’wk.k ds fu;a=.k eas ,d O;fDr dh Òfwedk ij ppkZ djsaA
Discuss the role of an indivisual in pollution control.

Ans :- Environmental pollution starts from an individual so efforts. by each individual at his / her level can have significant a in which a effect on global levels. Following are some way,person can help in prevention of pollution

  • Individuals should minimize wastage of resources.
  • Individual should prefer walking or use cycle instead bites.
  • Individuals should reuse items where ever possible.
  • Take part in environment conservation driver such as tree Planting driver.

14. 5grduhd ds ckjs eas foLrkj ls crk,aA
Explain 5G technology in detail.

Ans :- the fifth generation mobile network in popularly known as 5g it enables a new kind of network that is designed to connect Actually everyone and everything together including machines, objected and dancer internet  speeds in CG have been tested to be as high o 20 Glops

56 mainly works in 3 bands namely low nod and high frequency speculum. reign frequency network provides the withiest speed but has low coverage to stellar way low  network provides low speeds wit coverage is very high

in India Dot confirmed that 13 Sties in India would get 5g services in 2012. Recertify got has auctioned bonds to composer, and these composer have started testing for testing 5g network Advantages of 5g for India:-

  • 5G can improve the accessibility of services such as mobile banking and heal themes  are
  • 5G technology can be used for agriculture and smart Fermoy 
  • Monitoring remote areas our country why she will be easier. needs to encourage and beast its local 5G hardware manufacturing at an unprecedented rate if it needs to realise the 5G India Dream..

15. ukfÒdh; fj,DVj dks lfp= le>kb,A
Explain Nuclear reactor with suitable diagrams.

Ans :-

16. ;kstuk vk;ksx }kjk oxÊ—r Òkjr ds 15 —f’k&tyok;q {ks=ksa ds uke fy[ksaA
Write 15 Agro-climatic zones in India categorised by the planning commission.

Ans :- 15 Agoo-climatic zones of India

  1. Western Himalaya
  2. Eastern Himalaya
  3. Lower gangatic plaine
  4. Mid ·gangatic plains
  5. Upper gangatic plains
  6. Trans gangatic plains
  7. Eastern plateau and Willy region
  8. Central plateau and willy region
  9. Western plateau and Willly region
  10. Southern plateau and willy region
  11. Eastern coat and plain 12 Western coast and plains
  12. Western coast and plain
  13. Gujrat plain
  14. Western dry region
  15. Island region

17 tSo fofo/krk ds laj{k.k ds fy, jk’Vªh; ç;klksa ij ppkZ djsaA
Discuss the National efforts for conservation of Biodiversity

Ans:- Biodiversity conservation refers to the protection upliftment and management and biodiversity in order to derive sustainable benefits for fed present and future generations Indian government has taken. Many steps for proction by Biodiversity which are –

  • The central govt has enacted wild life (Protection) aut 1972
  • wetland (conservation and management) rules 2020 was enacted for wetland protection
  • Central govt has drafted National plan for conservation of Aquatic was-system
  • wildlife crime control Bureau has been established.
  • The centrally sponsored scheme Integrated development of Habitats to Reuvery of endangered specice’
  • Protected arear viz National parki, sanctuaves conservation reserve and community reserves all over the country.
  • The central Bureau of Investigation (CBS) has been empowered. under the wild life (Petition) Act 1972 some other important Indian acts are – o fichanel ad 189), ) Indian forests aut 1927
  • mining and mineral development regulation out 1897
  • Indian frosts act 192
  • Mining and mineral development regulation act 1957
  • prevention of cruelty to animal 1960.
  • Water (prevention and control of palliation) out 1974.
  • VD forest conservation act 1980
  • Air (Prevention and contral of pollution) out 1
  • Internment protection aut 1986
  • Biological divinity all 2002 etc.

Indian govl has made many efforts in the way of conservation of Geodiversity. But conservation of biodiversity will be realised when participation of individual will be enquired

17. vuqokaf’kd :i ls la’kksf/kr Qlysa D;k gS \ blds Qk;ns vkSj uqdlku fy[ksaA
What is genetiolly modified crops ? Write advantages and disadvantages of it.

Ans :- “metrally modified crops are derived from plants whose genes and artificially modified, wually by inserting genetic material from another organism. In order to give it a new Jas increased yellds tolerance to a property. such of drought, or to improve its nutritional value probably best known herblader, relictance to disease the variety of genetically modified rice is golden file. India has approved commercial cultivation of only. modified crop Bt cotton. one genetica”

• Advantages of Grenetically modified crops : I

  1. It improves production and raile farmer’s income.
  2. It reduces the use of pesticide and insecticide during farming.
  3. it can fead a rapidly increasing population because it shows dromatically increased yielde
  4. It can produce more in small area of land.
  5. India introduced Bt cotton seeds in 2002. It has greatly reduced the use of toxic pesticides

Disadvantages of Genetically modified crops?

  1. the production insposes high riske to the disruption of ecosystem, and biodivercity.
  2. it increases the cost of cultivation and more inclined towards marketization of farming that work on immoral profit
  3. The transgenic crops esdag endaiguen not only farmers but also
  4. the trade, and enviornment as well. 24 is biologically altered. Hence, human health rick. bistech foods may pose
  5. The excessive production of Gry crops will be rendered

ineffective over time because the perts will develop relictance Ultimately we need to strike balance between nature and science and use it towards the welfare of humon

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